About The BEC Group

The BEC Group was founded on one simple mission: providing professional tools and peace of mind for photojournalists and videographers. For 15 years, we've been finding innovative solutions for today's challenges, and along the way, we've been building a solid reputation for quality products and guaranteed satisfaction.

Turn on your TV and, odds are, the photojournalist shooting that live video is equipped with BEC Group products. Visit a prosumer trade show and you'll, no doubt, find more and more wedding videographers are using BEC Group products to increase their profit. That's because we intimately know what video professionals need.

We've got the connections that make capturing the moment easier.

About Our Products

The BEC Group offers a wide range of top quality wireless receiver holders and camera brackets that are specialized to fit a host of cameras used by professional photojournalists, wedding videographers and home video "enthusiast."

Wireless Receiver Holder - The BEC Group's Flagship Product

professional digital video camera wireless receiver holdersOur wireless receiver holders are the best in the field. Made from state-of-the-art plate aluminum, The BEC Group holders are both durable and reliable. Our skilled metal mechanics form and weld each holder to meet the specific standards for your camera. We add a protective lining and all necessary hardware, including attachment screws, easy-to-follow instructions, and even a screwdriver.

The result: a professional product that enables you to work as a professional - no hassles, no worries.

Digital Video Accessories

digital video camera bracket accessoriesIndividual video professionals, or those prosumers who sell video services, know being successful requires having the competitive edge. The BEC Group Digital Video Accessory line gives you that edge.

We've designed a line of accessories that allow you to customize your camera to today's wireless technology and your specialized needs. Our BEC Group brackets are manufactured from the highest-quality plate aluminum and designed to adapt to a wide range of cameras.

Brackets and Side Plates

digital video camera side brackets and platesThe BEC Group line of specialized brackets and side plates enable you to use the wireless audio systems that are essential to any serious video professional.

Each bracket is manufactured from quality plate aluminum and designed to fit most cameras on the market.